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The miracle in a song.

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

David was on his deathbed. He was hiding - hiding from the police and from a dangerous drug dealer he had stolen from. Going through withdrawal, sick and unable to leave his bed, he knew he was about to die. He had no hope. But one day a pastor came to his house and sang a simple worship song over him. "In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, we have the victory."

The pastor reached out her hand and said, "Why don't you get up and dance with me?" He found himself responding and instantly he felt strength and life come into his body. He got out of his bed and began to dance as she continued to sing.

Today, David is healthy and whole, no longer on the run and is a sound engineer in our Victory Worship team. God did a miracle in his life through worship - a simple song that carried His presence and released His power into someone who wasn't even looking for Him. This is why Victory Worship exists - to bring the presence of God to the streets, to those who may not even be looking for Him. Just one encounter with God can change a destiny.

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